Propane Fuel

Exceptional Energy

Crossroads Fuel has been in the propane business since 1992. We sell, install, and service propane tanks and Propane Fuelaccessories, including gas logs. Automatic keep-fill service is available for larger tanks used for home heating by calculating degree-days. Unfortunately, keep-fill service is not available for smaller tanks used only for gas logs or hot water, because we have no way to predict how much propane will be consumed on average.

Propane Tanks

Consumers have the option of purchasing propane tank or renting their tank for a low monthly fee with a signed rental agreement. All propane customers are required to have an approved credit application on file.

Never Run Out of Propane AgainTank Q

Tank Q is the world's first line-of-sight propane tank monitor that attaches to your tank gauge and simply flashes when the level of propane drops below 25%, alerting you that your tank needs to be refilled.

Tank Q is a battery-powered monitor that does not require the use of telephone lines and eliminates expensive satellites and monthly fees. When you see the flash, call Cross Roads Fuel to schedule a delivery to refill your LP tank. Tank Q will eliminate the surprise, hassle, and stress of running out of gas. Have a Tank Q installed for only $50 plus installation and "Know when you're low". Read more about Tank Q.

Clean & Efficient

Propane is a clean, efficient, safe, reliable energy. Propane is one of the cleanest fossil fuels and an approved clean fuel designated by the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and 2005. Is is a trusted and reliable energy source that can power your home year round, inside and out. Not only is propane a lower cost alternative to many conventional sources of energy, it can be used in ways you never imagined. Learn more from The Propane Education & Research Foundation

Common Uses of Propane

  • Furnace - Propane furnaces emit nearly 70 percent less greenhouse gases than electric furnaces.
  • Space Heater - Vent-free propane-fueled space heaters are 99.9 percent efficient and include oxygen depletion sensors that automatically turn units off if oxygen levels drop below specified levels.
  • Water Heater - Propane-powered water heaters produce 60 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric-powered models.
  • Fireplace - Propane gas fireplace systems cost between 30 and 60 percent less per hour of operation than wood burning fireplaces.
  • Stove - Propane-fueled cook tops offer instant heat and absolute temperature control. Ninety-seven percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas.
  • Dryers - Propane-fueled dryers can complete drying tasks in approximately three-quarters of the time it takes an electric unit. Some models save up to 65 percent in costs over electric dryers.
  • Gas Grills - More than 63 percent of homeowners who cook outdoors use propane grills because they heat faster than charcoal grills and release fewer harmful particulate emissions.