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From propane to fuel to oils and lubricants, Crossroads Fuel Service can meet consumer needs and demands.

With several bulk facilities and offices in six cities and 70+ employees, Crossroads can ensure prompt courteous deliveries to meet consumer needs. Trained, professional drivers ensure your safety at home as well as on the road.

Cross-trained office staff reduces the amount of unwanted and unnecessary phone transfers, which can be frustrating to the consumer. We want our customers to get accurate answers with the first person they speak to, and not have the hassles of automated phone services. These qualities ensure professionalism combined with old fashioned customer service.

Your local Crossroads branch provides the following consumer products and services:

  • #2 Fuel Oil
  • Dyed Kerosene
  • Propane & propane accessories, including gas logs
  • Automatic Keep-Fill Delivery
  • Full line of 76 lubricants & motor oils (also bulk delivery of motor oil)
  • Waste Containers


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